Why we're consulting

This project seeks to review, understand and develop a set of goals and directions for the Gateway Village precinct in developing a Gateway Village Master Plan.

The master plan will guide future use and activation of Gateway Village as we look to:

  • Build upon and enhance existing spaces and their uses;
  • Explore and identify what the precinct could look like; and,
  • Determine key pillars and values that will underpin the overall future direction of the precinct.

The project will investigate previous master planning related to the site against the current and future need of the precinct based on demographics, considering the overarching vision of the Wodonga Council Plan.

It will consider the way the precinct works now, its role and function for Wodonga, the broader area and natural and physical constraints.

About the precinct

Gateway Village is at the northern end of the Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Island, and is home to Burraja Cultural Centre, Albury Wodonga Artists Society, Albury Wodonga Woodcrafters, Gateway Gallery, Creators Artspace, Hothouse Theatre Company, Choice Learning Space, Albury Wodonga Farmers Market, Jazz Albury Wodonga, La Maison Cafe, Musikids and Self Pilates & Wellness.

The site can be broken down into the following areas, which are also shown on the map below.

  • Activity areas
  • Picnic areas
  • Bird watching area
  • Riverside area
  • Open space area
  • Amphitheatre area
  • Farmers market
  • Shared paths
  • Vehicle parking

The Gateway Village precinct has been subject to a number of previous studies (1997, 2002 and 2018) that have helped guide decision-making and shape the precinct.

The most recent was a review within the Gateway Island Master Plan 2018. The objective of this planning was to establish an overarching long-term vision and values for the entire area with a lens towards future planning and business opportunities for tourism and social interaction.

Ways to have your say

Ways to have your say

This consultation is open from Wednesday, March 6 to Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Anyone who lives, works, studies or invests in Wodonga or visits the municipality and uses the facilities, is invited to review the information provided, ask questions and provide feedback during this time.

Ways to provide feedback

  • Complete the online survey below
  • Share your ideas on the visioner board below
  • In person: From 8am to 12pm Saturday, March 16 at the Albury Wodonga Farmers Market, Gateway Village
  • Email: makewodongayours@wodonga.vic.gov.au
  • Phone: (02) 6022 9300

Complete the survey

Share your ideas

How can we enhance the Gateway Village precinct?

20 March, 2024

Dawn says:

As a caravan owner and retired, we believe a caravan park on the Causeway would be amazing for the economy of Albury and Wodonga equally.

7 March, 2024

Matt Hood says:

This part of Wodonga is a perfect place to put a first-class caravan park. It is a no brainer and should have been done years ago!