The Wodonga 2050 community vision is an opportunity for you to become an active participant in crafting the future of our city.

To kick it off, we hosted a leaders’ lunch, councillor dinner and a half-day community forum in November.

We had 100 people attend across the three events talking about signals, scanning and the future of Wodonga in sessions facilitated by futurist Simon Waller.

Some of the themes of the discussion were on housing, health, education, artificial intelligence, environment, aged care, families, growth and connectivity.

Some of the key highlights.

  • Having 13-year-old poetry slam champion Eve Francis give an opening address which included a poem reminding us to consider a youth’s perspective.
  • Everyone in the room creating a mini-vision.
  • The visual representation of the day’s discussions by Sarah Firth.

Simon shared a quote from Bill Gates about how we overestimate the change that will occur in the short term but underestimate the change of the long-term.

This was an ideal premise to kick off for the launch of our Wodonga 2050 consultation.

Have your say

How do we make Wodonga an even better place to live for all?

15 December, 2023

Megan says:

Make sure there's adequate protection from stormwater runoff from the housing development at Huon Hill, flowing straight into the Murray...

15 December, 2023

Megan says:

Maintain the great wildlife corridors throughout the City. We have amazing birds and PLATYPUS that need food and clean waterways!

15 December, 2023

Cooj says:

Keep rolling out cartopia, where the smallest car allowed is Dodge Ram. See egos fly over the carcasses of pedestrians..

14 December, 2023

Chris says:

Less reliant on cars for transportation. More missing middle housing options.

13 December, 2023

Gerard says:

Discernible* bike lanes; on all major access ways *paint that lasts. Inclusion for bike commuters and encourage school children to ride.

11 December, 2023

Molly says:

Provide additional support for people facing homelessness rather than issuing a fine. A fine will not help.

9 December, 2023

Susanne says:

Create a junction network to create infinite amount of bike routes. Read more about it in this blog:

9 December, 2023

Susanne says:

Create more fully seperated / dedicated bikelanes. Especially where traffic is fast like on baranduda boulevard and the edge of the city.

9 December, 2023

Amy says:

Fining people for camping on Council land or sleeping rough is NOT acceptable. These people don’t CHOOSE to sleep rough. Housing is needed .

8 December, 2023

Ren says:

Provide solutions such as more support to local support organisations or housing to those facing homelessness.

7 December, 2023

JK says:

More public transport. Fix roads properly. Increase all health services. Family friendly entertainment venues. Theme park/major attraction.

7 December, 2023

Marze says:

Stop the climate scam which is wasting our rates and taxes.

Photos from the Community Forum