The Wodonga 2050 community vision is an opportunity for you to become an active participant in crafting the future of our city.

To kick it off, we hosted a leaders’ lunch, councillor dinner and a half-day community forum in November.

We had 100 people attend across the three events talking about signals, scanning and the future of Wodonga in sessions facilitated by futurist Simon Waller.

Some of the themes of the discussion were on housing, health, education, artificial intelligence, environment, aged care, families, growth and connectivity.

Some of the key highlights.

  • Having 13-year-old poetry slam champion Eve Francis give an opening address which included a poem reminding us to consider a youth’s perspective.
  • Everyone in the room creating a mini-vision.
  • The visual representation of the day’s discussions by Sarah Firth.

Simon shared a quote from Bill Gates about how we overestimate the change that will occur in the short term but underestimate the change of the long-term.

This was an ideal premise to kick off for the launch of our Wodonga 2050 consultation.

From now until Friday, December 15, we’ll be asking the community to share their ideas on how we make Wodonga an even better place to live for all?

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How do we make Wodonga an even better place to live for all?

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6 December, 2023

Natalie says:

More things for families to do like mini golf, hydro golf activities for teenagers to do during school holidays extra outdoorpool/water park

6 December, 2023

Kurt says:

Noxious weed management to protect our natural environment. More safe bike paths AWAY from cars. More trees and greenery across the town.

6 December, 2023

CareAboutNature says:

In the future I would like Wodonga to implement a noxious weed control. Sadly while walking in the bush I've seen many Acer negundos.

1 December, 2023

L says:

Build up a more central CBD & build an entertainment centre/cinema that has better screens than Albury with after-movies attractions nearby.

1 December, 2023

Louise says:

More venues for young people like a pool that actually has separate space for different activities (toddlers, kids, laps) like Stanley St

30 November, 2023

Alison Wellard says:

More outdoor staff. Replace the sustainability officer. DEAL WITH CLIMATE CHANGE. Declare a climate emergency.

28 November, 2023

J says:

Public transportation!

27 November, 2023

Maddi says:

Address homelessness. Disperse DFFH Housing throughout Wodonga, rather than concentrated areas.

27 November, 2023

Ellie says:

Big splash park for kids all ages!

27 November, 2023

Kev says:

More trees in new divisions, manage storm water into creeks to prevent surge damage, public transport, water security, better road design,

27 November, 2023

AJ says:

Better night-life so our money is kept in our community not sent to albury.

23 November, 2023

Stl says:

Cycle-ways in city and streets of Albury Wodonga are still old fashioned/planned. Only a fresh coat of paint and planning needed by experts.

Photos from the Community Forum