About the design

Playspace 1 is designed to have something for the whole family.

Based on community feedback the main playground was relocated into the larger reserve.

Fencing is proposed to inhibit movement towards the roadways.

The equipment is proposed to meet the needs of a wide variety of ages and abilities and includes rubber surfacing around accessible elements.

The shelter central to both the playground and half-court basketball area provides a shaded gathering area for families.

Garden beds and plantings are placed around the reserve to attract local wildlife and act as a natural barrier to other interfaces.

Please note that the pieces of equipment pictured are included to provide an example of the style of equipment which may be included. The final pieces will be dependent on which company is the successful tenderer.

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Playspace 1 - Feedback

Share your thoughts on the draft concept design or respond to other peoples feedback below.

24 July, 2023

Amy says:

Water station for the hot days would be great. Addition of netball ring at opposite end of the halfcourt ring please. Love the natural feel.

23 July, 2023

cc says:

Yes !

22 July, 2023

Edunlop says:

Does both play spaces include shade cloth? Is there equipment for younger children aged 1year -2yrs? Is there disability swing consideration

22 July, 2023

Amanda says:

A more solid bridge instead of rope bridge connecting the 2 sections to suit the kids with shorter legs to be able to use the slides!

22 July, 2023

Emma says:

Play module - Consider replacing netting ladder/bridge with a wooden bridge so children of all ages can climb between both sections.

21 July, 2023

LP says:

Has the noise from continual bouncing basketball’s been considered for surrounding homes to the park area?

20 July, 2023

Savannah says:

- More shaded areas for parents and carers to sit under - more area for older kids, we have a lot of 13 - 16 in our estate walking streets

14 July, 2023

SB says:

Love the half court, it will be such a hit with our kids and create lots of friendships. Maybe an area for ‘down ball’ would be great too!

14 July, 2023

Mmc says:

I feel this is better suited to younger kids. Lots of young families are building in Kinchington. I will use this lots more than the other.

13 July, 2023

Leah says:

Like the modular set up. Don’t like the spring play. Maybe replace with spin type equipment like at new belvoir park. Or zip line. Great

13 July, 2023

SS says:

Let's encourage community w/ more seating, water station, dogpoop bags. So good to see it's finally happening.

12 July, 2023

B C says:

Playground looks great as suitable to a variety of ages. Mixture of enclosed stairs and ladder give variety to play. Love the two slides.