Why we're consulting

Wodonga Council has been working to develop a comprehensive design concept for the playgrounds in Kinchington Estate and Leneva Views and is now seeking feedback on the draft concept design.

Based on feedback from the initial consultation, Leneva Views open space will be designed to appeal to older children, connecting directly to the path network. Kinchington Estate open space will include a partially enclosed play area for younger children, large picnic shelter and half-court basketball.

The draft concepts for both spaces are below for you to review and provide feedback regarding the design.

Following community input, the council will finalise the design for both spaces before seeking tender submissions from potential suppliers for the installation of the two new playgrounds.

Please note that the pieces of equipment pictured are included to provide an example of the style of equipment which might be included. The final pieces will be dependent on which company is the successful tenderer.

Background information

Wodonga Council is installing play equipment in estates off Kinchington Rd – Leneva Views Estate and Kinchington Estate.

The two parcels of land sit about 200m apart with connecting roads and paths now completed.

The spaces will include a playground catering predominantly to children from two to 12 years, an older children’s’ play space, half-court basketball, additional paths, seating and a shelter with play elements for older children and adults.

Kinchington Estate open space (Playspace 1)
Half-court basketball and multi-sport space, shelter and a playground designed for children two to 12 years.

Leneva Views open space (Playspace 2)
Play space designed for older children.

In 2022 the community told us what they would like to see incorporated into the playground design. You can see the community engagement snapshot here.

Since then, council staff have developed a detailed design concept for the play spaces which incorporate play equipment, grassed areas and gardens, consideration for maintenance and more.

The draft concept designs can be viewed below.

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Ways to have your say

This consultation is open from Wednesday, July 12 to Tuesday, August 1.

Anyone who lives, works, studies or invests in Wodonga or visits the municipality and uses the facilities, is invited to review the information provided, ask questions and provide feedback during this time.

Ways to provide feedback

  • Share your feedback for Playspace 1 and Playspace 2 online.
  • Email: makewodongayours@wodonga.vic.gov.au
  • Phone: (02) 6022 9300

Draft concept design