The council provides a range of services across the community.

These include:

  • Emergency management services such as response and recovery;
  • Transport and infrastructure services such as roads, footpaths and cycle paths;
  • Planning and building services such as land use planning, economic development and environmental conservation;
  • Environment services such as sustainability and natural resource management;
  • Health services such as immunisation sessions and food regulations; and,
  • Social and community services such as disability support and early childhood services like preschools and maternal and child health.

The council’s funds comes from rates and charges, user fees and government grants.

The budget then determines how this is spent on services like street cleaning, parks and gardens, events and community safety; maintaining our assets including roads, footpaths and buildings; and, building new facilities for our community like public toilets, playgrounds and community infrastructure.

The Service Catalogue includes 44 service areas that make up the many services the council delivers to the community. The catalogue includes service profiles that detail the activities undertaken by the service group.

The services can be grouped into the following 14 areas.

  • Assets includes Asset Management, Building Maintenance, Property Management and Sustainability.
  • Business Services includes Business Innovation and Assurance, Emergency Management and Governance.
  • City Services includes Environmental Lands, Parks and Gardens, Roads Maintenance, Waste Management, the Resource Recovery Centre and Street Garbage.
  • Child and Family Services includes Early Years Co-ordination, Immunisation, Kindergartens and Maternal and Child Health.
  • Community Development includes Aboriginal Community Development, Environmental Health, Hyphen Library and Gallery, Population Health, Volunteer Co-ordination and Youth Services.
  • Cultural Services includes Bonegilla Migrant Experience, Community Cultural Development, Event Attraction, Events, The Cube Wodonga and Tourism.
  • Economic Development
  • Finance encompasses rates, payroll, procurement and the accounting function of the council.
  • Information Services includes Information Management and Information Services (technology).
  • Marketing and Engagement includes Communications – which includes community engagement, Customer Focus and Marketing.
  • People and Safety is the human resources arm of the organisation and includes people and health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Projects and Design encompasses engineering, traffic and capitals works functions.
  • Sport and Recreation encompasses the oversight of the council’s sporting facilities and physical activity assets including tracks, trail and playgrounds.
  • Statutory Services includes Building Services, Compliance, Statutory Planning and Strategic Planning.

Our Service Catalogue

The Service Catalogue is available to help inform your feedback on the draft budget.