Why we're consulting

The council is developing concept plans for the purpose of seeking funding to improve the recreational amenities at Birallee Park. Prior to commencing we are seeking community input to shape the designs.

As part of the Birallee Park Master Plan, developed in 2019, two sites were identified for play and recreation activities to enhance the opportunities for the community within the precinct and ensure the availability of informal activity spaces.

  1. Recreation Node
    Area for active recreation opportunities. Elements within this space would be designed to cater to teens and adults to enhance options for an active lifestyle and reduce barriers to physical activity: ball wall, public basketball court, fitness and skate elements are all suggested elements for this space.
  2. Play Node
    Central play node to compliment the neighbouring pump track, sporting ovals, fields and amenities. This playground would increase the appeal and variety of activity offerings to further cater to children and younger age groups. The play area would be intended as a medium-sized playground that services the local residents and patrons at the facilities within the precinct.

Early investigations have identified that there is insufficient infrastructure at the site for water play and /or splash park.

Car parks, and internal precinct connectivity (pathways) will be considered within the planning process but are outside the scope of this design consultation process.

Background information

Birallee Park is the largest multi-sport venue managed by Wodonga Council. As part of the Birallee Park Master Plan developed in 2019 two sites were identified for play and recreation activities to enhance the opportunities for the community at the site and ensure the availability of informal recreation activities.

The inclusion of the recreation and play nodes within the precinct will increase the passive and informal recreation opportunities at the site. This broadens the audience and serviceability of the precinct, ensuring effective use of council resources.

Wodonga Council is committed to the development of quality, sustainable, fit for purpose facilities for the community. Planning and design development is the first step in ensuring this objective is met.

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Ways to have your say

Ways to have your say

This consultation is open from Wednesday, August 23 to Tuesday, September 12.

Anyone who lives, works, studies or invests in Wodonga or visits the municipality and uses the facilities, is invited to review the information provided, ask questions and provide feedback during this time.

Ways to provide feedback

  • Complete the online submission form below.
  • Email: makewodongayours@wodonga.vic.gov.au
  • Have a chat face-to-face at the pop-up: 3.30pm to 5.30pm Wednesday, August 30 at Birallee Park (near the pump track)
  • Phone: (02) 6022 9300